Bon Chan-

I’d say “break a leg,”
but I don’t want you to break anything.
I could give you a thumbs up
which looks pretty insincere
or a patriarchical, supercilious “you can do it.”
I’d suggest “good luck,”
but that’s kind of lame,
which goes back to my first thought, and…
ooh, never mind.

I’m sure you’ll do well,
whatever I say
whatsoever I may hope.
I know you are fine on your own
independent and strong
and capable of standing on your own slightly webbed feet
without any assistance
or guidance or nothing from no one,
but I hope you do great
and even if I don’t say it right
or at all,
I’m behind you.

I’m there for you
and good luck
or something.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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