Thanks to the Rats

I suppose I have the rats to thank.
As they eat through my pantry
I find myself with limited resources
and thus
I can now embrace simplicity.

The rats have offered me
an opportunity to live with less.
I become lighter
due to their influence.
I learn to thrive with limitations.

I become a better person
because of the rats
and their entry into my life
and my larder.

They are also nibbling on my clothes
so I don’t seem too majestic
or fashionable, either.
Truly, the rats have done me
many a great service.

I begin to suspect
the rodents might have bitten away
a bit of my brainpan, as well,
perhaps surgically removing
my ability to criticize them.
Well done, creatures.
Well done indeed!

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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