Your Ego

Dude, you think you’re expressing some kind of inner peace
but I’m an unrepentant heathen, pagan, and evil-doer.
I’m a bad guy, careless of the world,
inconsiderate of others
and I can hear your ego from here.

Every pronouncement you make
about the betterment of the Earth
starts with an I
and includes some judgmental “you.”
You’re always telling everybody what to do
as if your words the world’s overdue.

I’ve heard you hold forth.
I know what you think of yourself
and know how you think of others
and think that the scales might be somehow
a bit off.
I’d offer you advice
but I’m afraid how I’d come off.
It’s seem a somewhat hypocritical,
you get me?
Still, the way you talk
and the way you walk?
Streets apart.

I can hear your ego
all the way from here.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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