You see a cavern before you
a dark and foreboding space
the kind that nightmares are made of
but in the darkness is also potential.
Who knows what mysteries lie within the black?

You have a choice before you:
You can venture in
experience whatever wonders might be there,
just feet ahead.
Who knows what treasure or action you might face
if you brave the cave?
But you could trip in the dark
and hurt yourself
which would be pretty stupid
to say nothing of looking
humiliating at work in the morning.

This is no RPG here
no party,
no disco.
No fooling around:
this is your life
and a darkness is before you
and you must decide what to do
However you got here:
is the unknown
worth the risk?

Is it ever?

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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