I will never admit this to anybody in the world
including you
but we may be better together
than apart.
It is possible
that the sum of us
is greater than the components.
Is that how math works?
That might be one the strengths you bring
to the partnership.

I cannot quantify what it is that I
or you or how we too
add to one another
but it seems there is something there
betwixt and between.
Something that happens in the air
some tension
some tangible thing
that is absent
absent us.

It may be too big a risk
for us to separate
if we don’t want to lose
that mysterious thing
I can’t describe, don’t you think?
I think.
You do the math.
You’re good at that, right?

I wish you’d answer
but then
I’d never say any of this to you
will I?

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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