If the World is Not the World

Maybe you’re not what you think you are. Maybe the attributes you believe you have you indeed do have
but not to the degree you believe you have them
Maybe you’ve read about Dunning Kruger?
Maybe not.
Maybe the face you put forward
isn’t really the face that people see
and what you imagine is being presented
isn’t actually what is being presented.

Maybe the skills that are first
and foremost in everyone else’s eyes about you
are incredibly divergent then those that you see?
What if you are not the perceptive soul you believe?
What if your perceptions are shit?
What if the you in your head
and the you in our heads
about who you are
are nowhere near the same?

What if my you
is a much better you
than your you?
Are you willing to take some notes
and return your you
for my you
and accept that you really weren’t
all that good a you all along?

I think this is a fascinating supposition.
How about you?

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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