Well, the day’s a wash.
Your thoughts are in a swirl
and nothing good’s gonna get done anytime soon
that much is clear.
You won’t be able to focus until…
well, you don’t know what.
That’s the problem, isn’t it?
You don’t know what.

It’s not lack of sleep.
Yes, it is lack of sleep.
That’s not the cause, though.
It’s just another symptom
of your mind at a million miles a minute
speeding faster and faster
past all possible stops
with no terminus to taper to
anytime at all.

The rush isn’t so bad
every now and again.
These days are fun to semi-experience
but its worrisome
not really living these days
barely understanding
half the words you’re saying
or a third of the things you’re doing
or a quarter of the people you’re screwing over.
Who knows what’ll happen
when you wake up?

These are strange days.
You know they’ll end
You think they’ll end, rather.
At this point
you don’t know a single goddamn thing.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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