Life’s Edge

You will survive this night
but if you don’t
make sure you fulfilled your destiny
as best you could.
Tell the truths you had available.
Keep the oaths you swore.
Dance with what ones that brought you
and fight whatever enemies you made
to a standstill
or to the pit.

You will live through this
as you have lived through everything before.
I have faith in you
but you must have faith in you, too.
Become what you deserve to be.
You previous life-death hurdle has been overcome
with one hundred percent completion success.
What makes this different?
will prove nothing.

The sun will rise
like always
and you will see it
like always
and you struggle with the next
as always.
It is tedious
and frustrating
and scary
when the night looks gaping and horrendous
as tonight does
but you shall overcome
until the day.

And if not
then tomorrow
you shall have that over me
so you may take some solace there.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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