My Therapist 9

My therapist says he does not
in his professional opinion
believe I am experiencing any side effects
from the medication.

He does not ascribe these symptoms
to an undiagnosed mania
nor a heretofore unknown sort of delusion
that is leaving me misconstruing any number of previously understood context clues.

My therapist has no suspicion
that I am undergoing an undue environmental stressor
that is creating some new disorder
that is leaving me, suddenly,
with an affliction
of distraction
nervous energy
fits of laughter
and general unfounded optimism.

He believes, my therapist says,
what I am experiencing
is a thing called “joy,”
also knows as “euphoria”
which is somewhat like “mania,”
but with healthier connotations.
He is collecting some literature on the subject and soon
I will report back
with further explanation
as to whether it truly applies
to my current state
and whether I can allow it to continue.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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