Like Dylan I

I always wanted to get to know you better
but you never seemed to care.
All my offers, invitations and presented opportunities
fell like lead zeppelins
plopping pointlessly into the seas.
You just weren’t that into me
in any possible way.

It was so frustrating:
I could taste the temptation of you
but you refused to see
what we could be
even as possibility.
It just wasn’t something to conceive.

Like Dylan
I wanted to make you feel my love
but I wasn’t monster enough
to know how.
I understood the impulse.
I still can feel the desire.
I continue to taste that temptation.

And the absence of you
is not the greatest loss I’ve ever experienced
There are other spirits in the rooms I enter
but when I think of you
there remains a specter
of the you I yearned to meet
and the ghost of the friendship
we never ever had.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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