The Aunt and the Grasshopper

I had an aunt once,
hard-working, kind,
a cubicle girl.
She had a boyfriend,
a drummer
for a band you never heard of
named after some kind of insect or another.
They weren’t any good.
He was especially no good.

Our family couldn’t stand him
but she was in love
so she housed him
and fed him
and took care of all of his bills
including the medical ones
for all his bar fights.

God, what an asshole.

Even when caught cheating
she couldn’t bear to be away from him.
Even when he was fired from his band
for missing the beat.
Even when he couldn’t keep
his part-time delivery gig
because he couldn’t keep air
in his bike’s tires.
True love, right?

Eventually, he left her
when she couldn’t afford to keep him
in the style
he’d grown accustomed.
I’m sure they’re both better off now.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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