Political Song for Ray Brown to Sing

(to the beat of a guitar body
being thunked sporadically
by a white boy with dreds)

There’s a rumble going on up there in the Bronx.
Once you hear what’s happening, you will be zonks’ed!
Here’s a story that I think you’ll find of worth.
of an apartheid in an apartment in the north.
Free Barry!
Free Barry!

There’s a man who’s been kept hidden away and enchained.
He hasn’t been accused of anything – or even framed.
You keep asking me if there’s any other way.
I keep shouting the only words I have to say:
Free Barry!
Free Barry!

This shit is wack!

This shit is wack!

I don’t think you get the severity of this:
We haven’t seen Barry ’round in hours and I’m pissed!
If I don’t get word that he’s secure or that he’s fine,
then I’ll have to resort to end on a non-rhyming line!
Free Barry!
Free Barry!
This shit is wack!

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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