The Inner Dark

You think you’re looking fine
that your moves are all right.
You think you seem bright
right in the middle of the night.
Don’t matter.
It don’t matter.

Your weight don’t matter.
Your wealth don’t matter.
Your smile
your strength
and your stealth don’t matter.

It doesn’t matter what you wear;
I assure you she doesn’t care.
She ain’t gonna dance with you.
I said she ain’t gonna dance with you.

You thought for a minute
you’d become something good?
Let me tell you brother,
it best be understood
it don’t matter.
Never matter.

Your job doesn’t matter.
Your grades don’t matter.
The ways that you’re
always kind to maids doesn’t matter

You’ll never gonna be but
the nothing that you are
sure as you will never touch
the light upon that star.

Whenever you hear
the little voice in your head
saying something good
trying to fight all the dread?

Allow me to remind you
of the common sense approach:
the dread knows what it’s doing, bitch.
Get on your knees, you roach.

You don’t matter.
You don’t matter.
The things that you believe
are just deceit and don’t matter.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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