Windows & Widows

Hey, I hate to keep doing this
and I know your getting tired, probably,
but that thing
you just said about time and opportunities
and windows and widows…
was that, by any chance,
perhaps about you and me?

I’ve been trying lately
not to be too self-involved
which is really not my speciality
so if the road signs I’ve read
are not the ones that you’ve painted
please accept all apologies tendered forthwith
but I’m sensing subtext
and I’m wondering if
I’m expected to understand something
that I’m clearly not quite getting.

Are you trying to tell me something
Mrs. Robinson?
Say, what’s in that drink?

I’m just trying to get clearer
in that which is mysterious
and around you
everything has always been
ever so mysterious.

I would love to decode you.

If you could let me know
what I might have mistaken
if anything at all
in your earlier utterances
I think our evening might go easier.

So: just what
were you getting at?

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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