Peak Copper

Julian Simon does not believe in peak copper.
He insists that we will never run out
of this amazing metal that runs through our wires
our heating
our coinage.
Simon says that one hundred years ago
we had only fifty years’ worth of copper
left yet to mine
but technology and ingenuity
has found ways
to extend that
and we can still dig in the dirt
for one hundred years’ more
at least
– and he wrote this twenty years ago
so… that means something.

Julian is optimistic
that we will never reach peak copper
and this flexible chemical element
will stay with us
for as long as we need it
for we will continue
as clever little beasts
to find better ways
to leech it from the world
and this never will stop
and all of our electronics
and tubes and monies
will be the better for it.

I pray Simon is right
and peak copper shall never be.
Otherwise, what other hope have we?

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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