At Least, At Last

OK, if this is it
– if this is the end –
the be-all, end-all
catastrophic, cataclysmic, cat-gut guitar strung-out
last night on earth before the zombies hide their faces
then start rending people in the streets.

If this is where we’re going
before it’s all gone…
then I’ve just gotta say: what a stupid way
I’ve spent just about every day until now
and what a waste I’ve made of everything.

I can’t believe I spent all that time
on trying to get in shape
when I’d never have been able to outrun the end
– and I should have known that, really.
The end was always gonna end up faster, right?
I should have eaten that last fatted calf
and then ordered another
because what’s it up to today, anyway, huh?

But maybe it’s not too late
to set right some of those last mistakes
because if there are hours left
before the satellites fall
or the demons ball
or tumbles wall
or whatever fates come to call,
if I’ve got a chance, at least we can dance
and I can say what I should have said years ago,
and you can actively reject me righteously
like I deserved
had I ever dared in the first place.

At least there’s time for that
before it all ends.
At least there’s that.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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