Trust your gut?
Your gut is a liar.
Your gut knows nothing.
Your gut doesn’t have a brain
in its fucking head.
Your gut, as much as you want to trust it
is suspect and unreliable
and not the trustworthy source you’ve been told.
Whoever said to trust your gut?
Trusted their gut,
you hear what I’m saying?

Your gut, no matter what,
is not as honest and pure
in its decision-making
as you’d think.
Your gut ain’t objective.
Your gut will lead you astray
because your gut’s decisions
are guided by hunger
or whichever way your dick is pointing
(if you have one of those.
I do!)
or where your heart’s been pumping most recently.
Your gut don’t know shit.

Your gut is as stupid as the rest of you.
As stupid as me.
Trust your gut?
I hate your guts!

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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