Words of Love

I’m not sure if I’d call what you’re doing
It’s all so unstructured, isn’t it?
It’s just words
strewn about on a page
willy nilly, Silly Billy.

It’s not really what you’d call art, though.
I mean, I’m no judge,
but I’d call what you’re doing
something other than poetry,
like “thoughts” or “thinglets”
or “pieces,” maybe.
“Pieces” has a ring,
don’t you think?

Something non-specific,
but still vaguely descriptive.
That could do the trick, perhaps?
Rather than sullying the name
of a form I know little about
but will continue to speak
as if I were an expert on?

How does that suit you?

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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