Lad, don’t be sad. It’s not bad. You’ll survive
from this day to the next there’s a chance you could thrive.
In this world, you can change from your worst to the best.
You’ll burst from your egg and its once safety nest.

It’s a long road you’ve been riding on
with the shame and guilt it’s built upon
and you think that all hope’s dead and gone
but you’re wrong.

You will be forgiven for whatever it is you do.
You will be forgiven for whichever crimes you choose.
You will be forgiven by a God that forever loves you.
You will be forgiven… except for what you did to those kids.

There is worse to have happened on this planet of tears
in these lands there is hurt that would bring on such tears
you have sinned, surely so, but redemption is yours
with simple prayer – and the penance – of course.

A new man you can surely become.
Transformation’s yours, once you succumb
to a greater power than you’ve ever had
though what you did? That was bad….

You will be forgiven however bad it was.
You will be forgiven and heaven is welcoming, plus
you will be forgiven ‘cuz God’s a forgiving cuss.
You will be forgiven… except – except – except – except –

except the children said no and they begged you to stop
and there was that time when Miss O’Malley called a cop
but somehow you convinced them to let the whole thing drop.
How did you do that?

How can you be forgiven for the awful things you’ve done?
If some celestial one dances with stars and sun
she would set you as prey. You’d always have to run
and you would never ever find yourself… forgiven.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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