Pete 100

It’s been a long time – hell! Long changing times
of many long roads, over oft-changing climes
and some may have gone on to roads far less travelled
while many more brethren’s voyages unraveled.
Still, since olden ages, and all the years past,
it is grand yet to see that some legacies last
and no matter the protests and everything
we still have bells to ring and songs to sing.

Look beneath the clouds; look across the waters
and ask yourselves, grandsons and granddaughters:
what shall we overcome today?
What shall we overcome today?
Look under the sun, my son,
and see out into the sea.
Say whatever you may, my daughter:
convey what we’ll overcome today.

There is more to do – there is always more!
It seems that this world is in ceaseless war
but there is hope – there is always hope!
Just as hemp can twined to rope
to pull up a friend or tie a knot
or be used for crimes that time forgot
for as long as we live, our memories won’t cease:
the war never ends, but nor does the peace.

After all we’ve woven; after all we’ve spun,
answer me granddaughter. Respond to this, grandson:
what shall we overcome today?
What shall we overcome today?
Unwrap this best toy, my boy, and tell me what you see.
Spin the top and play, my girl,
and finally display what we can overcome today.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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