I’m not trying to start a fight or nothing
but wouldn’t it be
kind of the best thing
if nobody remembered what we were supposed to be memorializing?
If we somehow got it in our heads
that we couldn’t consider the concepts
that brought so many people
to those so many places
where they met so many disturbingingly sorrowful ends
to so many stories?
What if we didn’t understand
what we were here to celebrate?
Why if it was only
about taking a day off work?
What if some callow youths
didn’t understand what we fought for
what we died for?
What if war was so foreign
they couldn’t consider it?
Wouldn’t that be
some sort of victory?

Agree or not
I’m fine with result.
I don’t need to be combative about this
or anything else.
I’m just willing
to surrender the rest of the day
to whatever you think best.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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