Girly Girl

You look like someone
once familiar.
Perhaps you were once Raped Girl
with a haunted look in your eye
and sense of prey about you
every day?

Were you Nervous Girl
with a hand on your hair
constantly twirling
laughing at too many little things
too many times
and kinetically connecting with all corners of the room
all at once?

Maybe you were Gone Girl
who leaves in a jumping jack flash
every time things get serious
or Generous Girl
buying drinks when times are tight.
You never bought me a pony, though,
did you…
But that wasn’t you, was it?
Moving on.

Could you have been Goth Girl?
Girly Girl?
God Girl?
Moody Girl?
Riot Grrl?
Smart Girl?
Smartass Girl?
Smarmy Girl?
No, no, no
and no some more?

Are there any categories you could possibly fit into
that I haven’t identified yet?
Where have I seen your sort before
or is it possible
that I have never in my life
experienced anyone before

like you?

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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