The Call of Night

Look around you:
the lights are low.
All sounds are dim.
You am listening to the house settle
slowly into snores.
You wait for everyone else to sleep.
Soon you’ll be the last one sitting
on guard in the homestead.

the only one awake
will be you.

Then, you can work the perimeter,
if you wish.
You can choose the channel
you could raid the freezer.
You lay in whatever position
in the living room
on all the cushions.
This freedom
is unimaginable

and it is yours every evening
that you can withstand the call of night
longer than everyone else
with enough fortitude to get up and…
just get up…
you can do it…

Maybe tomorrow then.
There’s always tomorrow…

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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