Lessons Learned Wrong

Having to ask for something means you haven’t earned it:
if someone hasn’t offered it to you of their own free will
then you have coerced them
and you have effectively taken it from them.
They must give it to you freely
without any effort on your part.
no asking for dates
or requesting raises
or submitting resumes.
Jobs must come to you!

It is arrogant to presume that you could be of value:
If you haven’t been asked to contribute,
there is no reason to believe your skills
would be useful
in the required situation.
Are you a heart surgeon?
A bus driver?
A professional door opener?
Then why think you are suitable
to manage the responsibilities
of these lauded professions?
When someone drops something on the street
leave it.
They knew what they were doing
when they did it.
Who are you
to gainsay it?

You have to be true to yourself – unless that’s selfish.
Then you have to care for the group – but not get lost in it.
Really, you just have to know how to be – trust yourself – unless you’re wrong:

You’ll get it, eventually

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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