I Don’t Want to Hold Your Hand

I know somehow, that you still care
but your emotions are so much to bear
one day you’re kind, the next you just wear
me down.
No… stop it, please.I can’t stand the way that you tease.
It puts me at the reverse of ease.
…Keep distance.

I don’t want to hold your hand.

What will make you understand
how you cannot countermand
all our loving… every day?
Yes, of course, I love you – don’t!
You’ll lose this boy with one more note
I know you can, but if you won’t
respect what I have to say…
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.

We all… constantly change.
I feel you and your vital range
of ways you behave then arrange
…your moods.
I get the same way, too.
And right now, I can’t be with you.
I need space, for a decade or two.
…Let me be.

You’ve already let me down.
So wear black ’til I come around.
I’ll call your name and we can drown
in an an inner light.
Until that time accept my plea
give the space that I so need.
Like I needed you, please me
and let me go away.
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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