No you’re right,
obviously, I’m not over you,
otherwise, I wouldn’t have been in touch
to let you know
that I was over you,
that should have been obvious
on my way over here.

I would not have asked you to return
all the clothes I’d ever lent you
and I would not have brought a mariachi band
to your parents’ place
to inform them I wouldn’t be coming for Thanksgiving

These are not the gestures of a man
who has seen things through to completion.
These might not be the gestures of a man
who knows what completion truly is.

But these are the words of a man
who is man enough to admit that he is not over you.
So though you’re right, and I should give you some distance
don’t you think that my personal revelation
deserves maybe some kind of a hug for good behavior?

Or maybe I should work on boundaries.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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