Season’s Meetings


What do I want for Christmas?
Oh, gosh, that’s really unnecessary.
Thank you,
but I’d just as soon have peace on earth.
But seriously…
To celebrate the birth of your god,
I think you should give me your girl.
Well, lend, to be accurate…

Just wrap her up
in that t-tight striped dress
and a couple of those little blue pills
I know you use,
and I’ll be good to go
(so long as she is).

This is too much to ask?
After I bailed you out
of that Turkish interrogation center?
After I fronted the funds
that put you there in the first place?
After I lent you that doll for practice?

Give me this small
suggestive, suggestable and sensual Stephanie for the season. I ask so little
and this would mean so much.

I’ll have a blue-balled Christmas
without you

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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