Uncle Green


It took some time
– some years –
for you to get your hands
on the prize.
For a while,
you were led to believe
that it didn’t exist
but eventually,
you were able to divine
its location
and, at last,
you hold Uncle Green’s
original demo EP
above your nervous palms.

For so long,
you’ve been waiting
for the chance
to hear the original versions
of the songs
you and your friends listened to
through high school.

This is big.
Josh would be shocked,
Paul appalled
that you’re still following
our early quest
– and Gene would be jealous
that you’ve finally completed it.

Now, at last,
you have every Uncle Green record
and they will never make another.
Treasure this grail you’ve uncovered.
Enjoy the album
– assuming your record player still works.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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