History of Stupidity


God, why would you do that?
What made you think
that was a good choice
a safe choice
an impermanent choice?
Why did you think you could do that
and escape my wrath
safe and unscathed?

In the history of stupidity
there may be nothing
more notorious
than your last actions.
I will not forget what you’ve done
to me
shaming yourself
and forever staining every impression of you.

It’s fucked up what you did
and insensitive.
It may have been thoughtful
and it may have been giving,
but it was also dumb and selfish
and I will never forgive you
for leaving me this way.
If you were still here
I would scream so hard and tell you
I would never see you again
– even if you didn’t think that a punishment at all.

It is bullshit
what you’ve done
and you’re better than this
– or, you were.
Because I can’t say what your value is now.
After that humiliating stunt you pulled
all I can say is
how much less I think of you.

From now
until judgement
you are dead to me
because of your damned idiocy
and what you’ve done with it.

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