"Listen to the winds
speak to you
of the soul’s mandate.
Take stock
of what you do not know
and pray that is someday
arrives to be what you love."

That’s crap.
I cannot believe what a fucking twat that guy is.
This is what you chose
over me?

I cannot understand how much
I misread you
and have to wonder
about my own powers of observation if
in fact
I was able to be with someone
who would chose to be with someone
like your current boyfriend.

If you really
can listen to his bilge
and thing that you have any taste
any common sense
or hope of redemption,
then, I guess,
you really do belong together.

Apparently, you’ve taken stock of your soul
and learned
that the prattlings of a douchbag
is what you love.
More power to you.
I’m not ready to listen to the winds
because he blows
and you suck.

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