City Limits

I am driving past the town you lived in
ten years back
when we fought so feverishly
about the commute
and argued about why
you had to come to me
when I wouldn’t visit you.

Turns out
you were right.
It would’ve been really easy
to get to you.
It’s practically in the city limits.
I could have seen you all the time
and we needn’t have petered out
the way we did:

It just seemed so much harder
back then
I apologize for the way I acted.
I apologize for how hard I made everything.
Fire and fury seemed to envelop so much back then.
I apologize.

Your choice of housing
needn’t have been the end of us.
The drive has been really beautiful.
I could’ve done this every day of my life
and so much more…

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