Been a Long Lonely

How you doin’?
Why am I calling
after so long
and so many words left said?
I was just thinking back
and wondering…
Look: is there any chance
that we’re getting back together?
I know it’s abrupt
but it’s kind of an important question.

I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately
and remembering all of our great old days.
I’ve been remembering
and just returning to the past.

Should we try it again?
It’s kind of important
like I said
and timing is sort of crucial
and I wish you could let me know if
it’s time to stop living in the past
or to return to it

So: thoughts?
You’re good?
You’re happy
to just continue the life you’ve been living?

I’ll just get back to the fiancé
and justice
and say that we’re a go!

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