Louder Than

The roadsign I just passed
for Delaney’s Grill
offered to serve “Heaven’s Steak”
which got me thinking about
just what heaven’s steak
would taste like.

It’s got to be good
– but like ice cream
or gravy fries
or sex?
Does it taste
like everything else on God’s green
just like chicken?

Do they grill up in heaven?
What animal makes their steak?
What do they kill?
Is dinosaur still available?
Shouldn’t they be vegan up there anyway?
And are the animals
like some Douglas Adams creation
unconscionably happy
to be slaughtered for the angels’ pleasure?
Maybe it’s people they eat
Good God!
Do they dine on angels up in heaven?

I mean
I’m okay with that.
I can live with the taste of angel.
In fact,
I’d like to try that now!

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