My Christmas

For… Christmas?
What do I want for Christmas?
Is that what you’re asking?
Is this idle curiosity
or are you actually offering something?
I guess I’d like you bound, goggled
in leather and tinsel
beneath my well-lit tree.

So I suppose i want a tree, too,
as it was back in pagan days
with naked children dancing,
prancing cupids and vixens
screaming profanities, heresies
and various biological impossibilities.

I want an end to gun control
with bullets flying above the sky,
ignoring laws of man and physics.
I want life different and dangerous,
dire and deadly in these darkest days of the year.

I want to forget everything from puberty
except the masturbation
– that was cool.
Oh, and I want to masturbate.
That’s what I want for Christmas
– or peace and goodwill.
Whatever’s cheaper.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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