Introductory Remarks

Before I begin this piece
a little bit of context:
this is not going to be one of those navel-gazing mumblecore ‘poems’
about girls
and what they do to me
– or what they don’t.

This isn’t another one of those proto-suicidal rants
where I complain about every last thing
while subconsciously presenting how guilty I am
of the very same offenses
that I condemn.
I did two of those yesterday.
I’m fresh out.

This is not a clever ditty full of puns
or light limerick about pubs
or a daring demonstration of hockey pucks.

This is nothing like anything you’ve ever seen before
because its words.
And it’s like nothing you’ve ever digested
because its tasteless.
And it’s akin to no smell before
although it might stink.

This is something new
this piece
and I thought you should know
before we begin.
And so,
allow me to begin:

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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