For a Loss

I ruin everything I touch.
I just received a lovely gift
from a lovely girl
and now
it’s gone.
I got it seven minutes ago
and already it’s squandered.

I am the worst.

I lost the flag.
I lost it.
I didn’t mean to
didn’t want to
but I lost it
right away
and now
nobody will know
that this koala bear I wear
is from Australia.

Without the flag
it could be from Swaziland
or Spain
or maybe the Barclay Civic Center.
Alas, identity!
just as disguised as the bear’s identity
is my self-disgust
which is no less felt for its hidden nature.

I am sorry
sweet bearer of gifts.
I am sorry
poor flag-free marsupial.
I am sorry for all that I have done
and all that I failed to do.

No one should ever give me anything
ever again.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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