Spring Back

Where are you, Spring,

you deceitful bitch

you slut,

you mouse in the shadows?

Where are you hiding?

Where are you staying

away from me

away from those

that miss you so?

I need you, Spring.

I need you close

I need you near

I need you coming toward me

kissing me with mysterious lips

gracing me with your warmth

and good vibrations.

Why would you hide?

What’s your disguise?

What would keep you from my prying eyes?

I want to see you, Spring,

and want it soon.


I can see I’m being selfish

and I have no way to motivate you to come home.

I know I have no means to cajole you

to convince you that what I want

is best for both of us

– but it is.

It is!

Please come back, Spring.

It’s been too long

and it’s so cold here

without you.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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