The Last Thoughts of a Bitter Man

There’s something in the air.
Something in the water.
Something in the smile
of all the girls a’gaggling
looking at me
like they just quit vegantarianism
and I’m just the right cut of meat.

I gotta te you,
it’s been a long
dry winter
with nothing available
to quench my particular hungers
but now,
it seems as if everyone’s wet.

Look at her
with the skirt
and the hair
and the thighbones.
She is something.
She is something else
and she is next to me
and she is not appearing repulsed.
Not even a little!

How did this happen?
What turned the switch?
It’s like…
It’s like all the anger I’ve been tamping down
for generations
Had been released,
resolved to become something else
and now…

It’s like I took off my hate-colored glasses
and everything’s coming up bitches.

Maybe that’s the wrong way to describe it.
Or not
Because the girls are not going away.
They are swarming
and it is

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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