State of Things

Alone in the park
as I feed the pigeons

I wonder
what has brought me here.

Am I such an old
lonely man

who has no one to talk to
that I spend hours

on benches
with nothing but birds

for cursed company?

I throw another morsel

for these creatures to chew.

What gods did I anger
to end up like this?
How has fate tortured me

left me so solitary
so separate
from the rest of humanity

that this is the best way

to while away hours?

Is this a karma thing?

Was I pigeon previously

to put me here,

doing this dumb

DUMB thing?

Pigeons suck.

I don’t know what brought me here.
I don’t know what forces me to stay.
I don’t know how I came to this
but I know

that something will come from this
as I feed the birds

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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