Last Week’s Poem

I don’t know
if you’ve been following my blog
where I put my poems
(the one at
but if you saw the one
where I called you a fucking cunt
keep in mind
it was written last week.

It was a while ago
and I was angry
when you took the Filthy Pete
off the table
and I said some things
that I should probably regret
and no doubt will
someday soon.

But like I said
time has passed
and the anger had abated
and I’ve become someone far different
from the man who wrote that poem
all those days ago.

I no longer harbor that resentment
no longer honor those thoughts.
I hope
you keep that in mind
when reading that piece.

I’m sure you’ve changed too
and are now far more willing
to reconsider such deviant acts
as the Filthy Pete and –

maybe you shouldn’t read my blog
for the next couple of days…

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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