Mythics Lesson

My therapist tells me to go for it.
my therapist says it’s a sure thing.
My therapist explains to me
to never look a gift horse in the mouth
but then I remind him of the counter-cliche
about Greeks bearing gifts
and provide the Trojan run-down of both expressions
and end up paying
after giving him a free mythics lesson.

My therapist is not as smart as me.
No one is as smart as me.
Those that seem substantially
to be as smart as me
always get caught in some error
and then lose their position in my assessing eyes.

I’m often asked if it’s tough
being the smartest man in the room
and I modestly say yes,
yes it is
but I still gladly shoulder the burden
as the price to pay
for being the smartest man in the room.
Whomever I’m talking to
will shake their heads knowingly
but they don’t really understand.
Nobody does.

I’d say that nobody knows the troubles I’ve seen
if it weren’t so damned trite
and that weren’t beneath me.
I wonder if you think you’d be able to
offer more sage advice than my therapist.
So if you could stop fighting over those acorns for a minute:
should I take cable’s Three for One deal or not?

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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