Nekkid Heart

I’m afraid to say this to you
because you don’t know me
and you don’t know where I’m coming from
and I’m pretty sure the feeling’s mutual
because I just saw you
heard you
I just experienced you and
I dunno…

Your tight outfit
and loose lyrics
make me uncomfortable.
In a good way
for me
and maybe that’s your aim.
If so: well done.
It was hot.

if the attention you wanted to attain
was something more than animal
then you might consider
a different plan of attack.

I saw your photo
where you smiled for the camera
and showed us what you got.
I hope you get what you want
from us
and I may ask you how it’s worked out
after I’m done with the picture
and the song
and your sets.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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