Settle Down

A woman named Donna
wrote a poem called
Don’t Settle for No
about having the will to succeed
and being able to become what you want
and do what you want
and finding pleasure
in doing those things that you want.

And I appreciate the spirit, Donna,
but I wonder
if believing in yourself
works all that well
when there is no running water
or no running legs
and always runny noses.

I wonder if you can visualize your reality
without training
and experience
and realistic expectations.
Kelly once told me that he could fly
but he can’t.

what if what Kelly believes he can do
is sleep with the under aged
or the unwilling?
What if non-consent
is what he really wants?

I’m not casting any aspersions
on Kelly
I’m just saying
I didn’t like donna’s poem.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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