Everyday Employee

I get hired for jobs
that I advise my employer against.
“Are you sure you need me,”
I say,
“and not a lesser paid drone
who will do the job without asking questions?”

I want to make sure
they know what they’re getting into
when bringing me on.
I will question assignments
and authority
and push limits and lunch hours
and stretch deadlines
as well as expected accomplishments.
I am not an everyday employee.

I want to make sure
the boss understands this
before I start.
They rarely do.
They assume
it is hyperbole
that I speak
and not something truly true.

I want no surprises
before Day One
but there always are
and often
there is no Day Two.
Perhaps I should have a better process
or look for a different kind of job.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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