That last one was kind of creepy.
It was a little unsettling.
It was – I know I just said this
but I really can’t emphasize the point quite enough –
creepy. It was creepy
and, by extension,
you were creepy
for presenting it.

It wasn’t the words so much
which, even in context,
seemed pretty sweet.
Rather, there was a subtext
suggesting you hadn’t ever met
that object of desire
whose praises you so virtuously sang.
It was those elements of voyeurism,
of stalking,
of the encouragement of rape culture
that made the piece
somewhat distasteful.
Creepy, even.

I’m not saying you’re a creep
– yet –
but this is duck-talking,
duck-walking territory
and if you are putting such effort
into things that smack of the creep,
then, well, I’m not sure what else to say

except “You’re a creep.”

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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