Postcard from the Ledge

Wish you were here.
You’d like it
I think
if you had the chance
to know it
the way I do
with the same memories
and experiences leading to them.

If you walked a mile
in my sloppy sodden shoes
you’d see this town
the way I had way back when
and still do today.

Maybe with telepathy
you could understand
what I feel about this little village.
You could get a sense
of how I loved its people
and buildings and roads
and if you had spent some time
at my height and weight
you could feel just what it’s like
to stride these streets.
I think you’d truly experience my past
in that way.

A time machine might work, too,
then again,
that sentence applies
to almost everything.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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