On Visiting Your High School for the First Time in Twenty Goddamned Years

There is a wasteland before you
filled with the young
the exuberant
the inexperienced
people that know nothing of your history
your years of wisdom on the subject of high school
despite being absent from high school
for forty semesters

You recognize no one
even amongst the multitude of alumni
invited on this special day,
an occasion
with no instruction
no explanation
no provisions made available.

You stand in the center of the lobby
waiting for anyone
to offer some sense of order
in the midst of this chaos.
Perhaps there is a guide
a teacher in this place of education
who can show a returning student where to go
or what to do
or how to get some of the pie that had been offered.

You are alone among crowds
just as you were
as a matriculate so many seasons past.
It is a familiar feeling
in this familiar place
where you feel so very alien.
Where are the activities?
Where are the admission tags?
Where are the appetizers?

There is nothing here you recognize
any longer.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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