To Laura
the high schooler
who found herself
too cool to date a college man
by the name of Jonathan Berger
all the way back in the day:
I am passing your old school
I think
since you never actually invited me to visit.

You would always be delivered to my campus
since our mutual friend would consistently
offer you rides.
Like a wish
you would just appear before me.

I liked you so much back then
though I’m not sure I really knew you. Certainly you
didn’t get the chance to know me
– unless you really
truly did understand me
and that’s why I was rejected.

I’m glad we were able to stay in touch
after you proved more interested in other boys
and I found other girls to obsess over:
older girls
girls in my grade.
I got over you
years and years ago
when I see your exit
on that rarely-taken road
I remember you
and am transported
to long ago lands.

I am thinking of you
and wish
like those far gone days
you could simply appear before me
and I could see you again.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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