No Bowl of Cherries

Everybody’s talking ’bout first world problems
and third world problems
and problems with four letter worlds
like Mars and Uranus
but I’ve been considering recently
the underworld problem
and i think I’ve arrived at
just the way it should go down.

Now I’m not one for God
or Buddha
or Satan the Sixteenth
but I think I’ve thought enough
about the future
and I’ve come to some conclusion
about my own personal afterlife.

I want to come back
as a crispy duck pizza
which I have never tasted
but think sounds pretty sweet
– or savory.

The important thing is
I’ve subscribed to my supralife strategy
and I know what form it should take:
a slice of something extremely delicious
and rare.
That is how it should go down
immediately after I do
for the last time.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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