The Owl

The house across the way
has a ceramic owl on the roof
to scare off birds
too stupid to know
that that owl is no predator.

It can’t fly.
It doesn’t hunt.
All avians are safe
from its painted talons
and immobile teeth
but the local creatures
are too dumb,
numb from always being birds at prey
to realize they could perch and shit
with impunity
at the house across the way.

I am no stupid bird
and from my view
I see full well
that there is nothing to harm me
on that other roof.
That owl will deal me no damage
I know
so I foresee no risk
in donning cape
and jumping from my roof
over to theirs.

The owl will not stop me
for I am no stupid bird.
I am
something else again.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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